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Chat with Lily

Q: When and where will the South Hams Literary Festival quiz be held?

A: It will be in Ivybridge Watermark Centre as part of our launch evening on Wednesday 13th September.

Q: Why does the quiz have a Roald Dahl theme?

A: The festival's launch date coincides with Roald Dahl Day. As it's a literary festival event, the Roald Dahl theme felt very appropriate.

Q: Will the quiz be family friendly?

A: Children will be welcome. The quiz will have questions that children can answer as well as ones that adults will be more likely to know (though nothing X rated!)

There'll be picture questions, puzzles and a fun Quiz Bingo round where the first team to make a line of correct answers across the grid wins bonus points (but beware red herring questions!)

Q: Will all the questions be Roald Dahl themed?

A: There'll be plenty of non-Roald Dahl themed questions too, including more standard quiz themes like general knowledge, entertainment, history and sport.

Q: What if I don't want to dress up?

A: There's absolutely no pressure to dress up. We understand that many people won't want to. For this reason, no quiz bonuses will be awarded for costumes, but there'll still be a cash prize for the best one.

Festival tickets can be purchased from Ivybridge Watermark Centre