Mary Georgina de Grey

About Mary Georgina de Grey

Mary Georgina de Grey is a romantic novelist living in Torquay.

She is currently engaged on a series of books, each of which is set in a different European country. The setting and the language of the country are paramount.

Each story features a strong, educated woman, determined to make something of her life, even if things are tough at times. And of course, love intervenes, sometimes challenging the view she has of herself and forcing her to consider an alternative path to the one she had mapped out.

Mary Georgina’s first novel, ‘Then the Earth Moved,’ which is set in Italy, was published by American publisher, The Wild Rose Press, on 20th March 2023. It is available on Amazon and other major platforms as an eBook and also print on demand. 

Her next novel is set in Zaragoza in Spain and features archaeologist Amancia Harding.

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Mary Georgina de Grey's bibliography

Then the Earth Moved (2023)