Nicole Fitton

About Nicole Fitton

Nicole Fitton was born and raised in the not so leafy suburbs of South London. At various times in her life, she has lived and worked in such glamorous locations as Notting Hill, Manhattan, and Croydon before moving to the wilds of Devon over a decade ago with her husband and three pretty amazing boys.

The majority of her career has been spent within global music PR and marketing. Currently she works within the UK healthcare industry. She writes mainly mystery thriller novels and short stories. She has published two contemporary novels – All Tomorrow’s Parties and Forbidden Colours and her short stories feature in a variety of anthologies. Soaring is her first short story collection published by Chapeltown Books.

When not writing she likes to take long swims in cold places (Fjords & lakes), and can often be found sharing secrets and treats with her trusty English Spaniel Spaniel Poppy.

Nicole Fitton's bibliography

All Tomorrow's Parties (2015)

Forbidden Colours (2016

Soaring Short Story Collection (2023)