Jackie Juno

About Jackie Juno

Jackie Juno is a familiar face on the poetry and festival scene with her hilarious takes on the absurdities of modern life - but her material can also be tender, sensuous and confessional.


She has won lots of slams (including the Glastonbury Festival Poetry Slam), done two TEDx Talks, been chaired Bard and Grand Bard of Exeter for 8 years combined, and has hosted cabarets and poetry nights in various towns in Devon for decades.

She is lead singer and lyricist with psychedelic rock band THE INVISIBLE OPERA COMPANY OF TIBET, has a bit of a map fetish, and is so painfully hip that she needs a new one.

Jackie Juno's Bibliography

She has five poetry collections published, the most recent being 'Priestess of the Powder Puff Experiment' with Burning Eye Books (2022).