Bethan Rees

About Bethan Rees

Bethan Rees is an experienced writer and facilitator who will be presenting a workshop to help both established and budding writers conquer the dreaded writer's block. With her expertise and unwavering passion for the written word, Bethan is the perfect ally on your journey to unlocking your creative potential. 

Having dedicated much of her time to the transformative power of creative writing, Bethan possesses a profound understanding of the challenges writers face when inspiration seems elusive. Her workshops and sessions have empowered countless individuals to break through barriers and reignite their passion for writing. 

With a diverse background that includes leading workshops for creative writing groups, festivals, and individuals with disabilities, Bethan brings a wealth of experience and adaptability to the table. Her approach fosters a sense of playfulness, encouraging participants to explore alternative avenues of expression and embrace the joy of writing. 

Whether you're an established writer seeking fresh inspiration or a budding wordsmith looking to overcome creative obstacles, Bethan's guidance is tailored to meet your specific needs. Her emphasis on choice and flexibility ensures that each participant feels supported and encouraged throughout the process. 

MSc in Creative Writing for Therapeutic Purposes from Metanoia Institute (accredited by Middlesex University) 

Qualified facilitator insured to provide Creative Writing for Therapeutic Purposes under Balens Health Professionals Combined Liability Insurance 

BA (Hons) in English Studies with Drama 

Published writer of poetry and academic articles in both online and print magazines. 

Extensive experience leading workshops for diverse groups, including creative writing circles, festivals, people with disabilities and their carers, and businesses focusing on wellbeing 

Incorporates teachings from esteemed experts in the field, including Gillie Bolton, Kate Thompson, Jane Moss, Celia Hunt, James Pennebaker, Claire Willamson, Nigel Gibbons, Fiona Hamilton, and Graham Hartill 

Encourages playfulness and alternative approaches to creative writing, fostering a sense of fun and freedom within sessions 

Conducts workshops both online and in-person, fostering connections within local communities and beyond 

Contributes to idea generation and editing for authors and video game developers 

Voice acting and scriptwriting for Podcasts 

Past projects and events include "Let's Do Words - Wellbeing Writing" in Neath, "Let's Do Words!: Writing for Wellbeing and Resilience" at Huddersfield Literature Festival, and "Creative Writing Magic" in Brixham 

Resides in Brixham, Devon, with reach to various locations online and in-person